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Create animated videos and presentations
Make your audience love you

small business owners, marketing professionals and startup guys.
Small Business Owners, CXOs, Marketing Pros, Startup Founders
Presenters, Designers ...

Create animated videos and presentations
Make your audience love you
Website videos, Product demos, explainer videos, social clips.

Marketing professionals
Cut your development time and budget, increase engagement, boost your SEO, and stand out from the crowd with PowToon’s quick and powerful animated videos editor.

Free animatiion templates from the PowerPoint Alternative: PowToon
Small Business and Startups
Whether you’re pitching your company to consumers, businesses, or investors, just add a PowToon to your website and watch your conversions leap!

Trainers and Educators
Keeping your students engaged is hard. PowToon generates excitement and motivation in any classroom - no matter the age of the student.

Easy & Intuitive!
You don’t need to be a professional animator to get started with PowToon today!
We provide all the animation tools you’ll ever need to immediately begin creating your own professional-looking animated explainer videos and animated presentations. From start to finish, you’ll be guided through a surprisingly simple process, resulting in eye-catching videos that will hook your audience without fail.

One Click Export
Once you create a Powtoon, it’s yours forever to do with as you wish!
Maybe you made a PowToon video just to watch all by yourself and never show anyone else...but we sincerely doubt it. You want to get your amazing new animation out to as many people as possible! Fortunately, our easy export system gets your PowToon animated video on YouTube or downloaded to your computer to do with as you wish in just a couple clicks.
Create animated videos and presentations
As easy as Powerpoint!

Flip your classroom, inspire, engage and delight your students
Have fun presenting your assignments with a Wow!

Finally, a presentation tool that incorporates an intuitive user interface, super cool comic graphics, is 200% less frustrating than Prezi, and offers a zillion more options than the free version of GoAnimate. I know we just met, PowToon, but I think I am in love. 

- Amy Gibson HS Teacher -

Most of my classes responded with clapping and a “That was awesome!”. To say the least, they were really impressed! 

- Elizabeth Frank, Teacher -

Professional Results
Never to deal with fancy (and expensive) animation software again!
The PowToon user interface has been extensively designed and tested to ensure it’s as simple as possible while never sacrificing an ounce of quality or professionalism. You have every animation tool required right at your fingertips, and we’re always adding more features, templates and styles!

Animate Your Presentations!
Choose your PowToon access subscription that works best for you!
Bring your presentations to life in a powerful way!
Even the simplest, driest topics and reports gain fresh zest and energy when they're communicated through animated videos. With dynamic characters, eye-popping images, and active text sequences (and much more!), PowToon helps you capture your audience's attention and imagination, far beyond the flat, stilted PowerPoint presentations you used to rely on.

“ A unique product that is affordable, that crushes the competition ”
I've made animated videos before. PowToon is definitely the simplest tool to use. The learning curve is so little that it took me minutes to fully understand it but still I was able to make the video which was as good as on any other Desktop based software. Having used it extensively, now I prefer PowToon videos over my usual marketing presentations.
Matt Jones CEO Visioniz

PowToon - Animated presentations and youtube video maker examples
Create free animated explainer videos and presentations with PowToon“ Super Fast and Professional results ”
"With PowToon, I was able to create my demo video super fast and get professional results. The drag and drop functionality was easy to learn and actually kind of fun. I would highly recommend this product for anybody looking to do an animated presentation. Thank you!"
Chris Hull Co-founder, Convertable
PowToon Benefits:
Drag-n-Drop! – Forget complicated or confusing. We don’t believe in those words. PowToon uses one of the user-friendliest animation interfaces around, and we’re constantly creating video tutorials that show you how to employ all the various tricks and techniques to make incredible videos with ease!
Massive Savings – If you went to an animator or video studio to get the same kind of quality as found in our presentoons, you’d spend hundreds, if not thousands per piece! PowToon cuts it down to 1% of the usual cost, so you can spend your hard-earned money on other investments.
·Super Speedy – Instead of staring at a screen for days on end, tweaking one tiny bit of the animation at a time, you can create a fully animated presentoon and unleash it on your unsuspecting audience within a matter of hours!
Expansive Library – We love variety, which is why we’re always expanding our already-massive collection of images, icons, figures, props, backgrounds, and more—all for you to use however you wish. Plus, you can add your own images to the collection, establish a unique theme, and sell access to it to other PowToon users for even more profits!
Multimedia Compatibility – Whether you want to post your presentoon on YouTube, download it in HD, email it to your newsletter list, embed it in a website, or any other method of distribution...guess what? You can! Presentoons are compatible across all browsers and player platforms.
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